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A day out with Ignite Life

What you will receive during your stay at Ignite; Snappy, factual Nutritional Advice to help grab you and your body's attention Keep the image you want to project on the right track (mind/body … [Read More...]

Personal Training

Our ignite life fitness instructors Vonnie and Neil, combined have been in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years. They have the knowledge and experience to know that it takes more than … [Read More...]

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Raising orphaned wildlife

Vonnie and Neil are involved in raising orphaned wildlife, they currently have 3 Eastern Grey Kangaroos and a Bobuck Possum named Peanut. They have been caring for wildlife for the past 12 years and have had a number of Kangaroos that have now been successfully released back into to wild.   … [Read More...]

About Neil

Neil is a qualified personal trainer, boxing for fitness coach and exercise specialist. Neil has been in the exercise  industry for many years and now specialises in mind and body development. He loves creating and with the help of his partner Vonnie they have built the retreat specifically for having small groups of people that are requiring help and support to improve their lives. … [Read More...]